Answers  Revealed : Egg Donor IVF Cycle

What exactly does egg donor IVF cycle refers to and how it is helpful for couples planning for IVF assisted pregnancy, here is the answer to it all.

1:       Under what circumstances do you recommend a donor egg IVF Cycle?

Ans:  The following are the conditions under which the Donor Egg IVF Cycle is recommended:

  • Age Factor- Diminished ovarian reserve with advancing age.
  • Natural Menopause
  • Risk of transmitting/ carrying genetic mutation or disease.
  • Surgical Menopause.
  • Repeated IVF Failure (self-cycle)

2:       What are the criteria for selecting a donor?

Ans:   The criteria as per  ICMR guidelines  while selecting the donor as  follows:

  • Age of the donor usually preferred young donor between 23 years to  33 years.
  • The donor should be married and should have at least one healthy living child of more than  2 years.
  • Medically and psychologically fit.
  • The donor can donate only once in her lifetime.
  • Good Ovarian reserve.
  • Donors are selected through registered agencies.

3:     Can a known / relative of the couple act as a donor. If no, why?

Ans:  As per Indian Council Medical Research Guidelines, the relative of the couple cannot act as a donor.

4:     How do you ensure the confidentiality of the donor and the couple?

Ans:  The identity of the couple opting for donor egg cycle is kept confidential. The details of the donor are discussed before beginning the treatment process. The details collected include their biophysical profile, medical reports, family background and the educational qualification of the donor, chosen by the couple. As per Indian Council Medical Research Guidelines, the identity of the donor is not revealed. Hence, the doctors select the donor on the basis of the criteria’s given by the couple.  The donors are chosen by the experienced doctor through  a   reputable  ART  agency   with an aim to arrange a matching  egg donor.

5:      Does the donor egg cycle guarantees 100% success?

Ans:   The Success rate of IVF with egg donation is generally greater than the  self  eggs  IVF pregnancy rate because the eggs come from a young, fertile and healthy woman.  Success rate  with donor egg  is upto  75- 80 %.