Fertility Driven by Wellness

The concept of wellness goes together with fertility. We read about wellness everywhere whether its books, magazines or television. When you want to conceive, one of the area in which you have the most control is your lifestyle. The choices that we have which influence our living can influence our chances of becoming pregnant and having an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery, If we abide by certain principles it will improve  and enhance pregnancy outcome.

  1. Eat Well

Nutrition is the Foundation of wellness. A balanced diet can improve fertility for both partners, further it promotes long term health. If you are going for fertility treatment your diet should include lots of fruits and vegetables, high quality protein (seafood and poultry) and healthy fats as those found in olive oil, avocados and nuts. Try to avoid trans fats (found in processed and fried foods).

  1. Exercise

It is important to maintain a healthy weight if you are trying to get pregnant. Obesity (BMI>30) decreases a woman’s fertility and increase the chance of miscarriage or pre term birth. Obesity also leads to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and hypertension. You can start with daily brisk walking for 30 minutes or yoga. It increases metabolism and has a positive effect on fertility.

  1. Stress

Stress comes naturally when undergoing treatment for infertility whether its daily visit for monitoring, family pressures, restless sleep, rushed diet or strained communication. One should find an outlet for stress tailored to improve your personal wellness. Exercise, medication, prayer or some hobby are few of things you can start with to let an outlet to your stress. View the fertility journey as an opportunity to make wellness a priority. Counselling by trained psychologist have also proven to be quite helpful for many patients.

  1. Limit caffeine and alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol can disrupt a verify of wellness goal causing restless sleep, consumption of unnecessary calories start in on unhealthy way. Before and during IVF cycle it is suggested to limit your caffeine in take to one to two cups of coffee or tea per day. Alcohol decreases the pregnancy rate and increases the rate of miscarriage.


  1. Take Dietary Supplements

Women who are trying to conceive should take tab folic acid for at least 3 months and other prenatal vitamins to prevent few of the birth defects and have healthy pregnancy.