After several unsuccessful at becoming pregnant- including failed IVF cycles, we were determined to find a clinic that could help us achieve our family planning plans. We required a high degree of skill and experience- but also moral support and compassion. Dr. Ila Gupta provided all of this and so much more! We are grateful beyond words for our healthy and happy children. We are so lucky to have found Dr. Ila Gupta.
Suman Yadav
We began our first IVF treatment in April 2016 resulting in pregnancy; our baby was born in May 2017. I am very delighted and very grateful to Dr. Ila Gupta and staff members who helped make our dream a reality
Dr. Ila Gupta made our dream of having children come true… I have got my IVF treatment by Dr. Ila Gupta and I blessed with beautiful twins. Thank you so much for the excellent treatment and valuable advice and support you have given us.
Princy Singh
A big thanks to Dr. Ila Gupa. After a long awaited time we had a sweet smiling baby girl (Anaisha) is our life as a miracle. We believe tat it was because of the extended care taken by our doctors. Since day one till the birth. We hope that the same miracle keep on with all the couples who come with great trust in Dr. Ila Gupta and team. Thanks for making us proud parents. We wish you a long and prosperous life to serve the nation
Sujata Shashi Ranjan
I am from Iraq consulted with Dr. Ila Gupta. Me and my husband were happy because we were getting the treatment with excellent doctor. Treatment was successful and now we have a cute baby. Thanks to Dr. Ila for making family complete.
Zakia Fahim
I am pretty much happy with the Hospitality and tearment provided. I was given all instruction and observations in timely manner. I was guided well. Staff is supportive at all levels. Thanks to Dr. Ila Gupta for all help and guidance.
I am really thankful to Dr Ila Gupta and hospital who helped me a lot in my treatment. She answered all our questions regarding the treatment very nicely and patiently.  She explained each and every thing regarding our treatment progress very openly and clearly.  We are very happy that we get success because of her treatment. She is very committed toward her work and try hard to make their patient happy which I did not found in any doctor. I really wished to god that she always do her work like that and the treatment she do always bring smile and fulfill every patient hope .
Mohammad Hashim
After facing lots of issues with the pregnancy. I consult Dr. Ila Gupta for the same. I was have an infertility issue. Have been trying for long Dr Ila Gupta helped me with it. I consulted her for an IVF treatment. It was very good and could see the results very cooperative, helpful Doctor I will recommend all those couples who are facing infertility issues to consult Dr. Ila  Gupta. You will definitely see result.
Ritu Singh
Our experience with Dr Ila Gupta has really been a pleasant and fruitful one we as a couple had struggled to become parents for 6.5 years. After going through two failed IVF cycles at another clinic, we had almost lost all hopes of getting pregnant. After four months of our second embryo transfer a friend referred us to Dr. Ila Gupta, and we got a very positive vibe the first time, we met Dr. Ila Gupta and her team. Her positive attitude is what convinced us to go ahead with her. And in our first attempt of IVF with her only. And in our first attempt of IVF with her only gave us the most desired result of becoming pregnant. My husband and I am forever indebted to Dr. Ila for giving us the most precious gift of life in the form of this successful pregnancy. We would like to thank Dr. Ila Gupta for all her efforts and guidance in this struggle time for us. She truly and will always be a fairy godmother to our baby. Thank you to her assistance, who is also very helpful and forever cheerful person to meet you first. Many many thanks & Regards.
Anuj & Archana
I underwent IVF under Dr. Ila Gupta in January 2017. She did the procedure in a very systematic way. She showed her support right from start of procedure/treatment she guided us at important steps of the process. We are thankful to her showing us the path of success.
Mrs Aneesha
I have undergone treatment with Dr. Ila Gupta and overall experience is very good. I am fully satisfied with the facility at the hospital. Dr. Ila Gupta doctor is very good in talking and her nature is very good. Her Assistant is good and she helps me throughout. In last my result is positive and I am fully satisfied with this hospital and their facilities.
Mona Goyal
I am really thankful to Dr. Ila Gupta as she helped me a lot in my treatment and helped me to overcome all that obstacles that come in my treatment. I pray god that she achieve great success in her life. More and more patient will get benefit from her treatment.
Farhad Ali Asalam
To say that I am grateful to Dr. Ila Gupta, would be an understatement. It took me gears of hope and struggle before I could finally hold my baby girl in my arms, and bringing this new life into the world, would not have been possible without the efforts by Dr. Ila Gupta and her constant guidance and support . She not only helped me conceive, but saw me through very difficult pregnancy, like a guardian angel, and only with her constant care and supervision of my condition, was I able to start this new chapter of my life. She went the extra mile to see me through the difficult phase preceding the delivery of my baby. I can never thank her enough for giving me this precious gift of life. She always remembered everything about my medical history and selected the protocols best suited for me, which gave us the desired results. We are a family today because of her unabated efforts, and we can never forget that. A special thank you to themnu for pushing my appointments when required, and required, and bridging all the gaps whenever needed. I hope many hopeful couples get to reap the benefits of Dr. ila Expertise.
Patient Testimonials